Small business email marketing planning

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Discover the top email marketing trends for 2024 and learn how to implement sustainable strategies for your business. From curated customer journeys to holistic analytics, find out how to stay ahead in the evolving email marketing landscape.

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In this engaging episode, your hosts Rachel and Jess take you on a journey through the evolution of their marketing strategies, from their humble beginnings as budding entrepreneurs to their intentional and refined approaches today.

Lessons in Growth – Early Marketing Mistakes & How We Evolved

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Empower your business journey with the Rooted Business Podcast - Nurturing Well-Being and Success for Small Business Owners through Intentional Marketing Strategies.

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Discover the Rooted Business Podcast, where we guide Intentional Small Business Owners towards harmonizing hustle and well-being. Join Jess and Rachel, your spirited co-hosts, as they delve into intentional marketing strategies, fostering a balanced business ethos that nurtures both success and personal well-being. Tune in for insightful discussions on optimizing operations, crafting effective marketing strategies, and embracing mindful entrepreneurship. Subscribe now to embark on a journey of growth, alignment, and rooted success.

What is a Rooted Business: How to Balance Hustle and Your Well-Being using Intentional Marketing & Operations

Why an Email List is Important

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Whether you are a small business, huge corporation, or simply a writer trying to find his or her way in this world with your one of a kind blog – building an email list is an essential part of your success, the people you reach, and the connections you make. Many of us know what it feels like to look at our current list of subscribers over and over and not know what the heck to do with them. And many of us also know what it feels like to want more subscribers and have no idea where to start.

Why Building An Email List is Important for Small Businesses

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