You've probably heard, "the money is in the list", but who has the time to sit down and put their email marketing hat on? If you are craving smarter efforts that don't leave you burning the candle at both ends trying to increase sales, you are in the right place. 

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No matter where you are at in your email marketing journey, Gal can help you. Let Gal help you plan, implement, and analyze your custom marketing tactics so you can confidently increase your revenue through sustainable marketing with a trusted partner.  Explore Gal's packages and discover how your email list can begin to work for you. Here at Gal, we don't believe in cookie-cutter marketing tactics. We believe your marketing strategy should be designed and built around your business goals. Transform your email list from a boring "to-do" to a strategic tactic. 

why hire an email strategist...

intentional strategy

You want your email list to WORK FOR YOU - not just become a "checklist" tactic. An intentional marketing strategy is designed around your goals and business vision. 

maximize retention 

You need someone that can take your customer journey and blend it with your email strategy - so that you can increase revenue, client retention, and CLV.


Understanding how to look at your data will be the fuel to high-performing marketing efforts. By focusing on your data, you'll be able to take action with confidence. 

Quarterly email strategy roadmap

Start off on the right foot with this 90-day marketing strategy. Gal will deliver you a custom plan designed to boost engagement, grow your email list, and ensure you are attracting the right people to your email list! 

90-day marketing plan

full platform audit

testing strategy + analytics


investment: $950


one-time project

payment plans available

Breathe life into your existing email list.

MONTHLY email management

If you are always ignoring that "Send Newsletter" task on your to-do list. This is for you. Packed with AB Testing, Segmentation, & Analytics insights, you'll gain a whole new insight about your email subscribers. 

engagement boosting a/b Testing

smart segmentation + ANALYTICS

newsletter management

email platform management

investment: $1,500/mo (3 mo min)

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ongoing retainer

comprehensive email marketing

Designed for the business owner already who does it all. Let Gal guide you through strategic marketing plans that boost engagement, streamlines your customer journey, and increases client retention + CLV. 

annual & quarterly planning

complete implentation & execution

testing strategy + analytics

customer journey development

investment: $2,200/mo (3-mo min)


ongoing retainer

Strategy & Implementation for a Complete Customer Journey

Working with Rachel is wonderful. She is knowledgeable and efficient. She is a good communicator and is quick to make decisions and implement them! I gained clarity on how to use tracking links, use Kartra a bit better, how to make an entire flow chart - that was cool! [A benefit I got from this session was] understanding how the funnels should "flow" and circle back toward each other really nicely. I understood how we should be up-selling or downselling!

sachi, The crna club

Rachel is efficient with a no BS approach. She provides a great strategy and visuals to help you see the bigger picture and where the potential pitfalls are you in your funnel/ email automations. I love a women owned biz. And Rachel came highly recommended.  I really got to see where there were gaps in my team and in how our email campaigns were functioning.

aimee raupp, aimee raupp fertility

This session was immeasurable. I feel like I got equal parts of an education in email marketing logistics and strategy, along with an understanding of how my business could be improved and thrive from implementing email marketing. I also feel like I have more clarity around my target client profiles and how to sell to where each of them are at in life and in my customer journey. I feel very optimistic, clear visioned, and excited. I know this will help bring financial growth!

jen tenzer, the soloist traveler

I feel more confident writing subject lines, and I am delighted to actually enjoy the gamified elements of A/B testing. Plus, the process of using MC is far more smooth with your template. You're very committed to your client and will create the templates and strategies to simplify their practices.


She's smart and her content showed her expertise. I was struggling to define what I wanted my email marketing to be about. I also did not have any idea how to "funnel" anyone anywhere. [My email list is] 1000000x better. There is no doubt that what we created is magic. I am super confident that it will help to nurture my leads. The content pillars are gold! I love how fast you were able to pull them out of me. 


I had NO email list before hiring Rachel. Literally none. I felt burnt out and was just not able to get motivated to create a list and work on my course. I needed someone with a high-level knowledge of email marketing to help me look at the bigger picture and ALSO get into the weeds. Rachel does both! [After hiring Rachel], my email list grew by 300%! I now have 300 people on my email list. They are also very engaged. My conversions are 10% which is insane.

Jessica, The Launch Collaborative

Rachel was able to help me put together a detailed strategy on how to bring my list back from the dead! Also, what my next steps would be moving forward to grow my list and actually start getting discovery calls/leads from it.

Rachel is awesome and her strategy sessions are totally worth it!


Before hiring Rachel, my list was a mess. No rhyme or reason and I never sent out newsletters consistently. It’s such a relief to have this off my plate and trust that Rachel will get it done.

My list has doubled in size; the click rate has also doubled and the experience for my list is so much better and consistent.


I felt like I was missing out on a huge opportunity by optimizing my email marketing. [before hiring gal, I struggled with] the brainpower to create something that would get me results without the guesswork! 
 I haven't been able to implement everything yet but I'm so happy with how much we were able to get done in one day! Definitely worth the investment and Rachel was sooooo fun to work with!

Sam, Lead Generation Strategist

love notes

love notes


Leads on auto-pilot

This is the secret sauce in your email marketing strategy. The ability to automate and streamline what’s working so that your leads get the best, most curated experience every single time - even while you’re sippin’ margs on the beach on vacation.  

the process


Goal-driven strategy

This step is all about getting hyper-specific on how your email list works in your business. We step away from “trying to do it all” and step into intentional action. 


Authentic Analytics

This is the microscope that’ll identify what’s working and what’s not working in your business. When you understand your metrics, tracking, and analytics - you can level up your needle moving tactics.

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5 strategies

A 5-part email series that show heart-centered business owners how it's possible to create an email list that attracts, nurtures, and converts leads time and time again.

for a thriving

email list

It's time for your email list to work for you! 

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