Clear your desk & start planning your email marketing campaigns

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You’ve done the work and started your email list, you’ve picked an email marketing platform, and have sent your first email newsletter to your budding subscribers – let’s take a moment to acknowledge just how far you’ve come.  But, there’s a piece of you that knows something can improve…  Maybe your welcome sequence emails aren’t […]

Bring intention into your email marketing strategy with clarity & consistency in your small business marketing

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Want to run a successful email marketing campaign? Then, it’s time to clean the house. You’ve successfully built up your list of subscribers – congrats! But, have you noticed your email list starting to look a little disorganized and dirty? It may be time for you to clean house. Email list cleaning scares many marketers […]

Keep Your Email List FRESH With These 5 Tips!

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Clear your desk & start planning your email marketing campaigns

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Tell me, do you see the mess that you have created inside of your email list and immediately close your laptop and walk away? Don’t fret. We have all gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess at some point or another. *currently, I’m hiding from the weeks of unfolded laundry staring at me from […]

3 tips for a healthy, happy email list that every online entrepreneur needs

Are you making these lead magnet mistakes?

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Ask any email marketing guru and they´ll tell you high-quality lead magnets are a vital part of growing a successful and sustainable email list.   Lead magnets are so important for many reasons such as building trust with your audience, increasing exposure and awareness for your business, and helping you develop quality leads.   First, […]

3 HUGE Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Your Lead Magnet

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