I recently shared on Instagram what my favorite business tools are, so I thought it would be only fitting to talk about what marketing tools I use as an email marketer.

There are so many email platforms out there that fit different types of needs – depending on if you are a blogger, need complex automation, have an e-commerce platform, etc. So let’s jump into my top 5 tools.

I sometimes use affiliate links in my content. This won’t cost you anything but it does help me to offset the costs of running my business. Please know that what I share with you is entirely backed by me. I would never share anything that I do not support fully. Thank you for your support.

Plan your small business marketing with email marketing campaigns and how to grow your email list strategies

Email Marketing Tools #1 My Email Provider

I have had my hands in all sorts of email program and hands down, the best email program I have used is ActiveCampaign. The automation capabilities, the integrations, and the knowledge base that ActiveCampaign provides is beyond what most email providers give you. Give it a try today!

This platform has it all – it sets your email marketing efforts up for success! I have found my soulmate email provider and I am never turning back.

If you have any questions about ActiveCampaign – drop me a note and I will walk you through all my favorite ActiveCampaign hacks. I am set up as an affiliate for them, but just know I would never link to something that doesn’t work for my readers and clients.

Email Marketing Tools #2 My Organization / Planner

I am such a visual person and Trello has helped me plan out my social and email calendars.

I map out all my ideas in Trello. It’s very similar to a post-it note system that I used to use until it took over my desk. Now, you can create phases for your ideas, make notes on the cards, and grow these ideas into massive successful projects for your business.

Without organization, your email calendar won’t be cohesive. It’s so important to create a cohesive experience for your email list or they will disengage and stop converting for your business.

Email Marketing Tools #3 Grammarly

Good grammar across your emails, website, and social captions is crucial. I have Grammarly connected to everything: my CMS, my Trello Boards, ActiveCampaign. I use to hate writing and I never had confidence that what I was writing made sense.

Until Grammarly. It is the world’s most helpful tool.

Email Marketing Tools #4 My Graphic Design Tool

I use Canva to design my graphics for social and email. Canva is a free tool that I can access on my phone or laptop.

Sometimes I get a great idea for a content post – I just jot down a quick outline in the app, access it on my laptop whenever I am ready to complete it. It is so easy to use and it comes with so many templates to spark creativity in your brand.

Email Marketing Tools #5 Tracking Tools

Tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts is one of the most important things you can do for your business. I use my ActiveCampaign email reports to track my campaign sends, but once your contact leaves your email and goes to your website – I bring in Google Analytics.

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up for your business – oh boy, you are missing out. You should be adding UTM links to your emails so that when you send a contact to your site, you can track their journey and see where they fall off. This is such a powerful tool to use for your business.

Establishing Email as a traffic source – you can measure the effectiveness of your sends once they click out.

I have been using these tools for myself and my clients, and the value it creates is priceless. I will always stress the importance of doing email marketing the right way is crucial to your success in keeping your contacts engaged.

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