Small business email marketing planning

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Discover the top email marketing trends for 2024 and learn how to implement sustainable strategies for your business. From curated customer journeys to holistic analytics, find out how to stay ahead in the evolving email marketing landscape.

Plan your small business email marketing with your notebook and coffee

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Finding the best email marketing platform isn’t easy. There are a lot of email marketing platforms on the marketing, finding the best one that suites your needs and gets your business on the market is important. Email marketing for small businesses are essential. First of all, this isn’t some affiliate pushing blog that will lead […]

Email Marketing Platform – How to pick the perfect one for your business

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Clear your desk & start planning your email marketing campaigns

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You’ve done the work and started your email list, you’ve picked an email marketing platform, and have sent your first email newsletter to your budding subscribers – let’s take a moment to acknowledge just how far you’ve come. You may be wondering what is ab testing in email marketing? As you further your journey in email […]

How To Learn About AB Testing in Email Marketing In Only 4 Steps

Plan your small business marketing with email marketing campaigns and how to grow your email list strategies

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I recently shared on Instagram what my favorite business tools are, so I thought it would be only fitting to talk about what marketing tools I use as an email marketer. There are so many email platforms out there that fit different types of needs – depending on if you are a blogger, need complex […]

5 Email Marketing Tools as An Email Marketer

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