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It's time to embrace your email list. Here's the thing, your email strategy is more than just weekly newsletters to your SUBSCRIBERS. It’s a direct line to the people that want to hear from you. 



A holistic client retention strategy focuses on seamlessly intertwining personalized communication, strategic engagement initiatives, and data-driven insights to support the growth of a marketing plan, without needing to "do more".


inbound flows.

we masterfully craft intentional inbound flows, strategically channeling the power of top-of-funnel marketing to attract and nurture precisely targeted leads, ensuring your business connects with those who resonate with your brand and mission.

inbound flows.

launch preparations.

bring gal onboard to support the deliberate development of marketing calendars, infusing every detail with strategic intentionality to flawlessly support your launch and sales goals, ensuring a dynamic and results-driven approach to your brand's success.

launch preparations.


gal specializes in the development and intentionality of creating customer journeys, intertwining client retention, maximizing customer lifetime value, and ensuring scalability, resulting in enduring relationships and sustained growth for your business.


meet rachel.

meet your marketing magician

Hi, I’m Rachel (the gal behind gal marketing) and I help soulful entrepreneurs create intentional marketing strategies that help them attract, nurture, and convert their dream leads without fighting with the algorithm. I've spent the last 10 years building marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes to create intentional marketing plans that focus on lead generation & relationship building.


Working with Rachel is wonderful. She is knowledgeable and efficient. She is a good communicator and is quick to make decisions and implement them! I gained clarity on how to use tracking links, use Kartra a bit better, how to make an entire flow chart - that was cool! [A benefit I got from this session was] understanding how the funnels should "flow" and circle back toward each other really nicely. I understood how we should be up-selling or downselling!

sachi, The crna club

 [Rachel] knows the ins and outs of [ActiveCampaign] and I couldn't be happier. You encouraged me to set up abandoned cart and it's been awesome. This was something I couldn't get myself to do (or knew how) but passing it off to you made it so I could mentally commit to trying it. Same with follow-up sequences. I can't believe I was accidentally peppering subscribers with so many emails. You saved me from further embarrassment. The updates on performance with metrics have been so helpful. I can't tell you how many contractors have told me they'll share monthly metrics/results but never deliver.

Emma, Nurse Fern

I gained clarity on my ideal client, logistics, and overall strategy. I now feel a lot clearer on how to segment my audience, how to use tech to create sustainable systems, and how to break down my implementation and testing of strategy into more manageable steps. I really appreciate how in depth Rachel is in terms of really getting to know my business, goals, and ideal clients and her ability to take in, synthesize, and strategize within our conversation. 

Sidekick Learning

Rachel is a go-to email expert and marketing expert in my eyes. I'm always so impressed with how she interweaves email and social media to create her marketing ecosystem, which is one reason I hired her! Rachel is also just a smart, insightful, and kind person, which made me feel comfortable placing my business in her hands. I am VERY happy with this new direction and excited to try it all out! I also feel like as I evolve, this same roadmap will be helpful for me, even if my target email audience were to change (because now I have the thought process behind email strategy to work with!). 

The Heart-Centered Lawyer

Rachel is efficient with a no BS approach. She provides a great strategy and visuals to help you see the bigger picture and where the potential pitfalls are you in your funnel/ email automations. I love a women owned biz. And Rachel came highly recommended.  I really got to see where there were gaps in my team and in how our email campaigns were functioning.

aimee raupp, aimee raupp fertility

This session was immeasurable. I feel like I got equal parts of an education in email marketing logistics and strategy, along with an understanding of how my business could be improved and thrive from implementing email marketing. I also feel like I have more clarity around my target client profiles and how to sell to where each of them are at in life and in my customer journey. I feel very optimistic, clear visioned, and excited. I know this will help bring financial growth!

jen tenzer, the soloist traveler

I feel more confident writing subject lines, and I am delighted to actually enjoy the gamified elements of A/B testing. Plus, the process of using MC is far more smooth with your template. You're very committed to your client and will create the templates and strategies to simplify their practices.

lelia, leliagowland.com

She's smart and her content showed her expertise. I was struggling to define what I wanted my email marketing to be about. I also did not have any idea how to "funnel" anyone anywhere. [My email list is] 1000000x better. There is no doubt that what we created is magic. I am super confident that it will help to nurture my leads. The content pillars are gold! I love how fast you were able to pull them out of me. 

alicia, themotivatedco.com

I had NO email list before hiring Rachel. Literally none. I felt burnt out and was just not able to get motivated to create a list and work on my course. I needed someone with a high-level knowledge of email marketing to help me look at the bigger picture and ALSO get into the weeds. Rachel does both! [After hiring Rachel], my email list grew by 300%! I now have 300 people on my email list. They are also very engaged. My conversions are 10% which is insane.

Jessica, The Launch Collaborative

Rachel was able to help me put together a detailed strategy on how to bring my list back from the dead! Also, what my next steps would be moving forward to grow my list and actually start getting discovery calls/leads from it.

Rachel is awesome and her strategy sessions are totally worth it!

AMANDA, thecommunitycatalysts.com

Before hiring Rachel, my list was a mess. No rhyme or reason and I never sent out newsletters consistently. It’s such a relief to have this off my plate and trust that Rachel will get it done.

My list has doubled in size; the click rate has also doubled and the experience for my list is so much better and consistent.

Dalina, Yourlatinanutrition.com

I felt like I was missing out on a huge opportunity by optimizing my email marketing. [before hiring gal, I struggled with] the brainpower to create something that would get me results without the guesswork! 
 I haven't been able to implement everything yet but I'm so happy with how much we were able to get done in one day! Definitely worth the investment and Rachel was sooooo fun to work with!

Sam, Lead Generation Strategist

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love notes

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