Your email list is not a siloed part of your marketing. It’s all connected. Your brand, your voice, your mission. You don’t have to send sale-sy, boring emails to your list just because it’s a “to-do” on your weekly checklist. Imagine sending emails that start conversations, solve problems, engage your warmest leads, and consistently convert. 

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Hi, I’m Rachel (the gal behind gal marketing) and I help soulful entrepreneurs create intentional marketing strategies that help them attract, nurture, and convert their dream leads without fighting with the algorithm. I've spent the last 10 years building marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes to create intentional marketing plans that focus on lead generation & relationship building.

My dream was to always create a business that gave me more freedom in my life and now I get to help others, just like me, bring intention into their marketing & business. There’s no roadmap for a successful business (although, a lot of people will try to sell you one). I found leaning into the strategies that FEEL good to you is of the upmost important to sustainable success. That’s why I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Your goals and vision for YOUR business should drive your strategy, not someone else's. If I had someone ask me, “does that even feel good to you?” when I exhaustively launched my first course into the world and inevitably landing face first in burnout, I would have reconsidered my approach immediately. 

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I had NO email list before hiring Rachel. Literally none. I felt burnt out and was just not able to get motivated to create a list and work on my course. I needed someone with a high-level knowledge of email marketing to help me look at the bigger picture and ALSO get into the weeds. Rachel does both! [After hiring Rachel], my email list grew by 300%! I now have 300 people on my email list. They are also very engaged. My conversions are 10% which is insane.

Jessica, The Launch Collaborative

Rachel was able to help me put together a detailed strategy on how to bring my list back from the dead! Also, what my next steps would be moving forward to grow my list and actually start getting discovery calls/leads from it.

Rachel is awesome and her strategy sessions are totally worth it!

AMANDA, thecommunitycatalysts.com

Before hiring Rachel, my list was a mess. No rhyme or reason and I never sent out newsletters consistently. It’s such a relief to have this off my plate and trust that Rachel will get it done.

My list has doubled in size; the click rate has also doubled and the experience for my list is so much better and consistent.

Dalina, Yourlatinanutrition.com

I felt like I was missing out on a huge opportunity by optimizing my email marketing. [before hiring gal, I struggled with] the brainpower to create something that would get me results without the guesswork! 
 I haven't been able to implement everything yet but I'm so happy with how much we were able to get done in one day! Definitely worth the investment and Rachel was sooooo fun to work with!

Sam, Lead Generation Strategist

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Texas, but have clients all around the world.

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