Did you know the best place to have an intimate conversation with your audience is through your email list? As a business owner myself, I know how crowded and noisy it is out there – especially on social media.

On social media, it’s all too easy to get caught up in focusing on how many followers and likes you have or if you can get your content to go viral to increase your reach.

Additionally, your social media content can start to feel repetitive or disingenuous. How strong is the connection you have to your social media audience?

If you want to have an engaged audience and build sustainable relationships your email list is the place to be.

Your email list is personal. It’s supposed to feel like a 1:1 conversation, minus the part where you’re on constantly on your phone!

No one has a like button they can hit after you send out an email. Your email list is where your audience is nurtured, supported, and guided.

Starting an email list and creating an email marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Besides already knowing that your email list can be where your audience feels a strong connection to you and the services you offer, here are some additional reasons why having an intentional email marketing strategy will be an incredible asset for your business!

Planning your email marketing calendar is crucial for success of small business marketing ROI

Why email marketing is essential for your business:

It saves you time!

While getting started might feel a little daunting, the actual practice of email marketing for your business can save you tons of time. By utilizing email marketing automation campaigns like a welcome sequence, abandoned cart, and re-engagement campaigns – you can build relationships with your ideal clients and leads without moving a finger.

Not to mention, the conversions resulted from properly nurtured leads will save YOU and your sales team time.

The power of email marketing automation is that it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time. All you have to do is set it up – easy, right?

It can drive insights for social, web, and face-to-face sales conversations.

Your analytics and data will tell you so much…you just have to be willing to look! Your data will be like a giant magnifying glass for you – it can tell you what emails are getting opened, which links your subscribers are clicking, where your leads are at in their journey to purchase with you, and what their priorities are right now.

Consider your email marketing data the microscope over your audience’s behaviors for what they want and what they don’t want.

For example, let’s say you write two blogs – one is answering the most common question you get asked and the other is a niche topic like how you can improve on a particular platform.

If you see more traffic driven to the niche topic blog, you can observe that maybe that’s a better starting point to have a conversation with a potential lead, compared to the other blog you wrote.

You can make a One-to-Many experience feel like a One-to-One with personalization.

Here’s the thing about personalization – there’s a fine line between big sister vibes and curated, personalized messaging.

A rule of thumb, don’t collect data that you don’t plan on using.

I see a lot of forms that’ll ask for phone numbers for a basic guide download. If that phone number isn’t going to be used from a personalized standpoint in that guide sequence, you don’t need it.

The goal is to build trust with your audience. Don’t create doubt that you’ll spam them the first chance you get.

As your audience moves along their journey to purchase with you, there will be more opportunities to capture more sales-worthy personalization. Simple retargeting based on behavior like web tracking can help you show up in their inbox at a relevant and timely point.

You can personalize in various ways such as:

  • Subject line
  • Timing
  • Segment / Interests

You can pre-sell programs and products without a huge public launch!

If you have your segments set up and you know who would benefit most from your new programs and products…a simple presale campaign to that list can generate revenue without the full power of a public- facing launch! 

An important thing to remember is that email marketing isn’t about obtaining 10k random subscribers on your email list.  

Email marketing is about supporting your goals and lead generation for your business. Your email marketing strategy should be in alignment with you.  

When you have an intentional email marketing strategy guess what?

Friend, magic happens for your business!

You can have a sustainable reach, effortless conversions, sold-out launches, and so much more. It’s all waiting for you when you decide to implement and maintain an email marketing strategy! 

At Gal, I have strategies for businesses in all stages developed to help you build, convert, and create engaging relationships in your mailing list. Book a free consultation today.

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