Grab a cup of coffee and get your small business email marketing strategy ready for higher conversions

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There has been a big shift in consumer behavior over the last year or so. Consumers are moving away from using social media platforms as a buying method in the new year. Why? They want deeper connections. They want intentional, meaningful, and relevant experiences with brands and businesses. THIS is why your email list continues […]

Plan your small business marketing with email marketing campaigns and how to grow your email list strategies

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I recently shared on Instagram what my favorite business tools are, so I thought it would be only fitting to talk about what marketing tools I use as an email marketer. There are so many email platforms out there that fit different types of needs – depending on if you are a blogger, need complex […]

5 Favorite Tools as An Email Marketer

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Small business email marketing planning

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You are at a point in your business where you want to grow your email list. At this point, you have created the most perfect freebie to attract your ideal client and future customers to your email list. This freebie solves a pain point of your clients and provides value in the form of a […]

How to Create the Perfect Freebie Welcome Sequence

Bring intention into your email marketing strategy with clarity & consistency in your small business marketing

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Want to run a successful email marketing campaign? Then, it’s time to clean the house. You’ve successfully built up your list of subscribers – congrats! But, have you noticed your email list starting to look a little disorganized and dirty? It may be time for you to clean house. Email list cleaning scares many marketers […]

Keep Your Email List FRESH With These 5 Tips!

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