Small business email marketing planning

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Discover the top email marketing trends for 2024 and learn how to implement sustainable strategies for your business. From curated customer journeys to holistic analytics, find out how to stay ahead in the evolving email marketing landscape.

Clear your desk & start planning your email marketing campaigns

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Tell me, do you see the mess that you have created inside of your email list and immediately close your laptop and walk away? Not sure how to increase email engagement? Don’t fret. We have all gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess at some point or another. *currently, I’m hiding from the weeks […]

How to Increase Email Engagement in 3 Steps

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Are you making these lead magnet mistakes?

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Ask any email marketing guru and they´ll tell you high-quality lead magnets are a vital part of growing a successful and sustainable email list. Lead magnets are so important which is why you need to avoid these lead magnet mistakes. Lead magnets can help with building trust with your audience, increasing exposure and awareness for […]

3 HUGE Lead Magnet Mistakes to Avoid

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