Grab a cup of coffee and get your small business email marketing strategy ready for higher conversions

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There has been a big shift in consumer behavior over the last year or so. Consumers are moving away from using social media platforms as a buying method in the new year. Why? They want deeper connections. They want intentional, meaningful, and relevant experiences with brands and businesses. THIS is why your email list continues […]

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Whether you own a business or simply work for one, email marketing is important to bring in customers, drive sales, and get the word out. Marketing can range from social media to billboards to affiliates, but today we are going to be focusing on one avenue that is particularly effective — email marketing. Ready to […]

What is Email Marketing?

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Planning your email marketing calendar is crucial for success of small business marketing ROI

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When I first started my business, it felt like a firehose of information shooting right at my face. I was thinking there has to be an easier more manageable way, then I learned how to simplify email marketing in these basic 4 steps. Right now, you are probably feeling the stress of trying to “do […]

How to Simplify Email Marketing in 4 Steps

Plan your small business marketing with email marketing campaigns and how to grow your email list strategies

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Email marketing may feel like an old and outdated marketing tactic, but if 2020 has shown us anything – we have to be able to adapt and connect to our customers in more ways than one. As we experienced with the “great outage” of 2021, small business owners are looking to get smarter with their […]

How to nail your Email Marketing going into 2023

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