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Check out the latest episode of the Rooted Business Podcast. In Episode 6 of The Rooted Business Podcast, the hosts, Jess and Rachel, delve into the world of Black Friday promotions. Listeners are treated to a discussion filled with critical questions to assist small business owners in deciding if participating in Black Friday aligns with their marketing strategy.

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

Understanding the Impact of Discounting:

  • The Pitfalls of Discounting Your Time
  • Avoiding the “Discount Addiction” Cycle
  • Real-Life Examples from Rachel and Jess

Evaluating Your Energy and Capacity:

  • The Importance of Self-Care and Avoiding Burnout
  • Navigating Competition with Larger Businesses
  • Balancing Resource Allocation

Competing Strategically:

  • The Reality of Facing Big Retailers
  • Knowing Your Ideal Client’s Behavior
  • Making Informed Decisions Amidst Competition

Exploring Alternatives:

  • Focusing on Long-Term Planning
  • Analyzing Market Insights
  • Prioritizing Non-Promotional Activities

Staying Grounded and Centered:

  • Aligning with Your Business Goals and Values
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Opt-Out
  • Making Decisions Based on Business Insights

As we wrap up this insightful episode, we hope the questions and discussions shared by Rachel and Jess have provided you with valuable insights into the world of Black Friday promotions. Remember, it’s essential to align your business decisions with your long-term vision and values.

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