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In the ever-evolving landscape of small business marketing, finding innovative ways to boost sales during slow periods is crucial. In a recent episode of the Deeply Rooted Podcast, hosts Rachel and Jess delved into four scrappy strategies designed to give your sales a much-needed kick. From enhancing visibility to tapping into your network, these actionable tips promise to invigorate your sales journey. Let’s explore these key highlights and how they can revolutionize your business operations.

Do you need a sales strategy designed to give your sales a much-needed kick? From enhancing visibility to tapping into your network, these actionable tips promise to invigorate your sales journey.

Visibility is Key

To rejuvenate your reach, sometimes you need to shake things up and get in front of new audiences. Increasing visibility can breathe fresh life into your marketing efforts and attract potential customer

Pitching Podcast Tours

Engage with podcast hosts to showcase your expertise and connect with listeners who align with your ideal client base. By leveraging podcast tours, you can amplify your brand’s presence and attract new leads.

Audience Borrowing

Guest blogging, speaking engagements, or featuring in newsletters offer alternative avenues to tap into new audiences. By borrowing existing audiences, you can expand your reach and generate more leads.

Gamify Your Reach

Reverse engineer your sales goals to quantify the necessary actions needed to achieve desired outcomes. By gamifying your reach, you can set tangible targets and track progress effectively, ultimately driving sales growth.

Tapping into Your Network

Collaborating with adjacent businesses, joining networking groups, and leveraging past clients for referrals are powerful ways to extend your reach. Your network can be a valuable source of leads and opportunities for business expansion.


Implementing these scrappy strategies discussed in the Deeply Rooted Podcast can breathe new life into your sales initiatives. Whether you’re looking to enhance visibility, explore podcast tours, borrow audiences, gamify your reach, or tap into your network, there’s a strategy suited for your business needs. Remember, persistence is key, and refining your approach over time will yield remarkable results. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your sales journey—start implementing these strategies today!

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