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Welcome back to The Rooted Business Podcast! In this engaging episode, your hosts Rachel and Jess take you on a journey through the evolution of their marketing strategies, from their humble beginnings as budding entrepreneurs to their intentional and refined approaches today. Join us as we delve into the valuable lessons we’ve learned along the way and how they can benefit all you fellow small business owners out there.


  1. Pipe Dreams in the Online Space:
    • Falling into the Trap of Unrealistic Promises
    • Navigating Manipulative Practices
    • The Power of Discernment in Decision-Making
  2. First Clients and Their Marketing Strategies:
    • Rachel’s Experience with Upwork
    • Jess’s Journey through Fiverr and Networking
    • Early Marketing Strategies: Social Media and Referrals
  3. Mistakes and Course Corrections:
    • Embracing Patience in Growth
    • Investing Wisely in Skill Development
    • Seeking Appropriate Support for Business Stage
  4. Current Marketing Strategies and Future Plans:
    • Rachel’s Shift to Digital Products and Client Attraction
    • Jess’s Focus on Audience Building and Service Refinement
    • Balancing Personal and Professional Growth

As we wrap up this enlightening episode, Rachel and Jess express their genuine excitement for the growth of The Rooted Business Podcast. Their journey from novice entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners is a testament to the power of intentional marketing strategies and adaptability. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we’ll continue to explore a wide array of topics related to marketing, operations, and the intentional business practices that drive our success. Don’t miss out – hit that subscribe button so you can catch all the valuable insights and advice from Rachel and Jess. Until next time, keep growing, stay rooted, and thrive in your business journey!

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