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In the latest episode of the Deeply Rooted Business Podcast, hosts Jess and Rachel take us on a journey through the essential strategies for scaling an online business at every stage. They break down the journey into three key phases—starting, stretching, and scaling—and provide insightful online marketing tips to ensure sustainable growth for your business. Whether you’re just starting or already in the thick of scaling, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate your business operations effectively.

Discover essential strategies for scaling your online business in this episode of the Deeply Rooted Business Podcast. Learn small business marketing, effective email marketing strategy, and business operations tips to ensure sustainable growth at every stage.

The Starting Phase

In the starting phase, Jess and Rachel emphasize the importance of simplicity. Developing a clear and focused signature offer is crucial. When your offer suite is streamlined, it’s easier to communicate value to your audience. Simple doesn’t mean basic; it means being clear and precise about what you offer. This approach not only helps in better audience engagement but also sets a strong foundation for future expansion.

Another key point in the starting phase is cultivating good marketing habits and efficient time management. Jess and Rachel stress that building a robust small business marketing foundation early on can save time and resources down the line. Setting up an email marketing strategy at this stage can be particularly beneficial. By regularly engaging with your audience through emails, you build trust and keep your brand top of mind.

The Stretching Phase

As your business begins to grow, you enter the stretching phase. Here, the focus shifts to expanding your offer suite and building your audience. Jess and Rachel suggest adding complementary products or services to your original offer. This not only attracts a broader audience but also increases the value you provide to existing customers.

Building your audience in the stretching phase is equally important. This can be achieved through consistent and targeted online marketing efforts. Whether it’s through social media, SEO strategies, or content marketing, the goal is to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Additionally, this phase involves setting up systems for core workflows to ensure that your business operations run smoothly as you grow.

The Scaling Phase

The final phase, scaling, is all about optimization and predictability. Jess and Rachel highlight the necessity of having a validated offer suite that ensures predictable sales. This means you have tested and refined your offers to the point where they consistently convert.

Focusing on optimization is key at this stage. This involves fine-tuning your email marketing strategy to increase open rates and conversions, enhancing customer management systems to improve customer service, and tracking important metrics to make data-driven decisions. By honing in on these areas, you can scale your business efficiently and sustainably.


The journey to scaling an online business is multifaceted and requires strategic planning at every stage. From the simplicity and foundational work of the starting phase, through the expansion and audience-building efforts of the stretching phase, to the optimization and predictability of the scaling phase, Jess and Rachel provide a comprehensive roadmap for success. Their insights on small business marketing and effective business operations are invaluable for anyone looking to grow their online business.

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