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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas you have for your business? In the fast-paced world of small business marketing, it’s common to be flooded with innovative ideas and strategies. But the challenge often lies in determining which ideas to prioritize and how to implement them effectively. In this episode, we dive deep into how to set clear priorities in business operations and focus on strategies that will drive growth. Discover how to plan like a corporation, manage a backlog of projects with ease, and prioritize tasks that align with your values and immediate business needs.

Learn how to effectively prioritize your small business projects and enhance your marketing strategies. Learn actionable online marketing tips, email marketing strategy, and business operations planning in our latest episode. Stay ahead in your business journey with these expert insights!

The Importance of Proactive Planning in Business Operations

One of the main highlights of the episode is the emphasis on proactive planning. Effective business operations hinge on the ability to plan ahead and anticipate future needs. By incorporating a strategic planning approach, similar to how corporations plan, small businesses can set clear, actionable goals. This involves creating detailed roadmaps for your business activities, ensuring you stay on track with your marketing objectives and operational tasks.

Treat Yourself as Both the Boss and the Employee

A unique perspective shared in the episode is the concept of treating yourself as both the boss and the employee. This dual mindset helps you maintain accountability and ensures you execute your plans effectively. As the boss, you set the vision and strategic direction; as the employee, you focus on the execution of these plans. This approach can be particularly beneficial in online marketing, where strategic planning and meticulous execution go hand in hand.

Clarifying Questions to Identify Your Next Priority

The episode introduces the idea of asking clarifying questions to determine your next priority. These questions are designed to help you sift through your backlog of projects and identify which tasks align with your most immediate needs. For instance, you might ask yourself: “Which project will have the most significant impact on my business growth?” or “What task aligns most closely with my core values?” By answering these questions, you can focus on what truly matters, ensuring your efforts in small business marketing are both effective and aligned with your business goals.

Glass Plate vs. Paper Plate Tasks

Another insightful concept discussed is the differentiation between glass plate and paper plate tasks. Glass plate tasks are critical and must be handled with utmost care because they have a significant impact on your business. Paper plate tasks, on the other hand, are less critical and can be deferred or delegated. This analogy helps in prioritizing tasks that are essential for your business operations and email marketing strategy, ensuring you invest your time and resources where they will yield the most significant returns.

Aligning Priorities with Personal Values

The episode also touches on the importance of aligning your business priorities with your personal values. When your business decisions reflect your values, you create a more authentic and fulfilling business experience. This alignment can enhance your overall business strategy, making your online marketing efforts more genuine and resonant with your audience. Prioritizing tasks that resonate with your values not only boosts your motivation but also fosters a deeper connection with your target market.


In the dynamic realm of small business marketing, setting clear priorities is crucial for success. By adopting a proactive planning approach, treating yourself as both the boss and the employee, and asking clarifying questions, you can manage your projects more effectively. Understanding the distinction between glass plate and paper plate tasks, and aligning your priorities with your personal values, further ensures that your efforts are both impactful and fulfilling. If you found these insights helpful, share this episode with a fellow business owner who might benefit. Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite podcasting platform and connect with us on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok for more valuable tips on enhancing your business operations and marketing strategies.

Summary of Resources

To further aid your journey in effective business planning and prioritization, the episode recommends “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller. This book provides valuable insights into focusing on what truly matters for achieving extraordinary results. Additionally, listening to “Planning for Sustainable Success: Mapping Key Activities & Benchmarks for the Year Ahead” can offer further guidance on setting and maintaining your business priorities.

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