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Check out the latest episode of the Rooted Business Podcast where Rachel and Jess dive deep into the 3 essential aspects of maintaining the capacity for growth for small business owners. They will explore why so many small business owners find capacity challenging and equip you with practical solutions that open the doors to sustainable growth.

stay tuned for the next episode of The Rooted Business Podcast, where we'll continue to explore intentional marketing and business strategies to support your journey.

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

  1. Awareness and Optimization
    • Giving Yourself Space & Grace to Grow
    • Accepting a Short Term Squeeze for Long Term Means
    • Escaping The “If Only” Mindset
  2. Time Management and Routine
    • Embracing Ritual and Routine
    • Managing Your Time Effectively
    • Building Up a Productivity “Bunker”
  3. Budget and Hiring
    • Using Discernment with Your Budget
    • Saving vs Investing
    • Exploring the Role of The Accountant
    • Intentionally Building Up Systems

As small business owners, it is important to realize that it is ok to grow gradually. If you put the correct systems in place, manage your time effectively, and give yourself space and grace to grow, you are going to run a more sustainable business and in turn, be more successful in the long run. You will play many roles during this process, but we promise you will come out feeling empowered to keep growing!

Now is the time to assess your capacity and implement these practical solutions so that you can run a more sustainable business (and enjoy the time you spend running it). You are just a few key steps away from unlocking your business’s full potential, friend! We can’t wait to watch all of your small business owner dreams come true!

Stay rooted, reflective, and ready to tackle the heart of your business matters by listening to this episode and continuing to follow along with Rachel and Jess.

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