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Welcome back to the Growing a Deeply Rooted Business podcast! In today’s episode, Jess and Rachel delve into the art of creating flexibility in your business schedule, especially as the summer season approaches. As a small business owner, maintaining flexibility while ensuring productivity can be challenging. However, with the right strategies in place, you can optimize your operations and enjoy the perks of summer without compromising on your business goals. Let’s explore some key highlights from this insightful discussion.

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Strategic Sales Planning

One of the crucial aspects discussed is the importance of proactive sales planning. Jess and Rachel emphasize the significance of scheduling sales activities to ensure a steady revenue stream during the typically slower summer months. By front-loading sales efforts before the summer season hits, you can capitalize on potential clients who might be taking time off.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

The podcast hosts suggest tailoring your marketing strategies to target specific audiences more likely to engage during the summer. This could involve adjusting your messaging or launching seasonal promotions to attract summer clientele effectively.

Work-Life Balance

Maintaining work-life balance is paramount, especially during the summer when the temptation to relax may be high. Jess and Rachel stress the importance of structuring your workweek intentionally and setting clear boundaries with clients to safeguard your personal time.

Efficient Content Creation

Creating a content bank by capturing B-roll footage and organizing it for future use can significantly enhance efficiency in content creation. Additionally, repurposing evergreen content or rerunning popular episodes of your podcast or YouTube channel during the summer months can help maintain engagement with your audience.

Streamlined Business Operations

Another valuable takeaway is the necessity of auditing and optimizing your business systems. This includes areas such as client management, marketing, operations, and team meetings. By streamlining processes, you can save time and focus on core business activities.


As a small business owner, embracing flexibility in your schedule is key to navigating the summer season successfully. By implementing proactive strategies for sales planning, targeted marketing, work-life balance, content creation, and optimizing business operations, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that summer brings while staying on track with your business goals. Don’t forget to check out the resources mentioned in this episode for additional support in organizing your schedule and content creation. Share these valuable insights with your fellow business owners, and remember to follow us on your favorite podcast platforms and social media channels for more tips and updates. Here’s to a summer filled with productivity and relaxation in your business endeavors!

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