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In the debut episode of the Rooted Business Podcast, we, your spirited co-hosts Jess and Rachel, extend a heartfelt welcome to all you wonderful listeners out there. We genuinely hope you can feel the warmth of our excitement as we set forth on this profound journey alongside each and every one of you. Our intention is to share the beautiful tale of how our paths intertwined – a fortuitous encounter sparked by a manifestation and affirmation Instagram group chat. As we unfold this unique story, we’d like to emphasize the deep-rooted connections that can unexpectedly blossom within the digital realm.

Our friendship’s foundation was lovingly crafted through the act of exchanging intentions and affirmations via voice notes, offering a glimpse into the shared spiritual beliefs that unite us. Throughout our heartfelt conversation, we wish to underscore the immeasurable worth of such supportive communities in guiding us through the intricate labyrinth of entrepreneurship. We’re thrilled to have you with us on this voyage of learning and growth.

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

1. Unlikely Connection in a Digital Space:

  • Meeting through a manifestation and affirmation Instagram group chat.
  • Voice notes exchanged to speak intentions and affirmations.
  • Unexpected alignment of values and support within the online community.
  • Discussing the role of a supportive community during the entrepreneurial journey.

2. Complementary Backgrounds and Strengths:

  • Jess’s background in project management and tech expertise.
  • Rachel’s 10 years of experience in marketing, particularly email marketing and marketing strategy.
  • Synergy between their skills leading to a balanced partnership.
  • Collaboration based on shared values and lessons from their journeys.

3. Concept of a Rooted Business:

  • Definition of Rooted Business as transcending the hustle mentality.
  • Focus on harmonizing business efforts, building a supportive community.
  • Key components: nurturing client relationships, intentional marketing strategies.
  • Valuing energy and core values, maintaining groundedness through changes.

4. Finding Alignment Between Business and Yoga:

  • Visual metaphor of a rooted business inspired by yoga practice.
  • Comparing a business’s foundation to a yoga tree pose.
  • Emphasis on starting with a strong foundation, core values, mindful expansion.
  • Personal connection to the concept and its alignment with their journeys.

5. Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges and Trust:

  • Personal stories of challenges during the initial stages of entrepreneurship.
  • The pandemic’s unexpected impact and the trust required to move forward.
  • Learning to trust oneself and overcome obstacles, sharing lessons learned.
  • Encouragement for new entrepreneurs and those facing similar journeys.

6. Pillars of a Rooted Business:

  • Defining the three pillars: optimized operations, marketing ecosystem, mindset/wellness.
  • Intent to share personal experiences, strategies, insights with listeners.
  • Commitment to engaging discussions about online trends and experiences.

As we come to the end of this episode, we sincerely hope that you, our cherished listeners, have relished our inaugural episode on the Rooted Business podcast. It’s our heartfelt wish that you’ll consider subscribing and joining us each week for upcoming episodes. In the weeks to come, we’ll be delving into a range of compelling subjects such as marketing strategy and nurturing a harmonious business philosophy. Your company means the world to us, and we’re eagerly looking forward to sharing more meaningful conversations with you.

Want to follow along on our business journeys? Connect with Rachel at @Gal.Agency. Connect with Jess at @the_wellness_collaborative

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