There has been a big shift in consumer behavior over the last year or so. Consumers are moving away from using social media platforms as a buying method in the new year.


They want deeper connections. They want intentional, meaningful, and relevant experiences with brands and businesses.

THIS is why your email list continues to be relevant going into 2023.

Your email list is where you can build connections through a well-planned customer journey for more meaningful conversions.

Sounds great, right?

Creating an intentional email marketing strategy and having an engaged email list is more than just a great marketing tool for your business – it can be pretty freakin’ magical too.

But, the magic in your email list doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t fret, I’m going to give you a starting point to begin creating the email list of your dreams.

Allow me to introduce you to The Email Welcome Sequence.

First, let’s break down what exactly an Email Welcome Sequence is.

The welcome sequence is an automated series of emails that will help you introduce yourself and build trust with your new subscriber the moment they enter your space.

It is the first impression that your new subscribers get when entering into your email list, and the first touch in your marketing effort. Hence, this is why it can’t be a second thought when it comes to your email marketing strategy.

One key element of your welcome sequence: automation.

No matter if your new contact opts in at 12 PM or 12 AM, they will get the best experience every single time.

A good Email Welcome Sequence will have the following qualities –

  • Welcomes & introduces the new subscriber to your brand
  • Delivers your incentive (your freebie or promise to get them on your email list)
  • Sets the stage & tells your story. Who are you? Why should your new subscriber trust you? By being a part of your email list, what can they expect from you?
  • Motivates, inspires, and guides your new subscriber closer to answers they are seeking.

Now that we have a foundational understanding of what a Welcome Sequence is – let’s talk about what a welcome sequence will look like for your business!

Here are some tips on how your Welcome Sequence will support your business

Provide consistent messaging without lifting a finger –

No matter if you’re on vacation or in a session with a new dream client, an automated Welcome Sequence allows your new subscriber to feel special and seen the moment they opt-in to your email list.

The other great part of a Welcome Sequence is that there will always be a consistent message.

With an automated Welcome Sequence, you don’t have to worry about sending out individual emails to every new subscriber.

Not only will be this save you time, but you can create a solid first impression. By the end of your sequence, your audience should understand exactly who you are, your story, and the amazing services you offer.

Build a relationship with your audience –

Are your selling & marketing methods ethical?

It’s a good question to reflect on going into the new year as you build your marketing plan.

Considering things like…

  • how you price your services
  • what messaging you use to market your offers

You should want your ideal client to be able to make a well-informed decision before they choose to buy from you.

Gone are the days of fear-based marketing to manipulate buyer behavior. That was so 2020.

With your welcome sequence you have the opportunity to build a meaningful, sustainable relationship with your subscribers.

You get to showcase why your new subscribers can count on you, what they’ll receive from you, and the ability to establish credibility.

Embrace a data-driven approach

Did you know, “On average, sending a series of welcome emails yields an average of 51% more revenue than a single welcome email?”

Using email analytics, you’ll be able to analyze your customer’s journey from a new subscriber to a loyal customer.

Your messaging should also be validated by your audience through testing and experimenting. For more on this topic check out this blog on AB Testing here.

For example:

You can track each email’s metrics in your series to ensure they are performing as expected. When one email drops below your benchmarks, you can adjust and improve.

Testing & analyzing your emails will help you deliver the best experience every time your subscriber receives an email from you.

This will ensure you continue to build trust with your list. Email by email.

Open the loop –

A good welcome sequence should create ample opportunity for your new subscriber to convert. It should also allow you to open the loop to build relationships for contacts not quite ready to buy.

You can use alternative call-to-actions outside immediately trying to sell.

For example, you can use CTA’s that –

  • Drive traffic to social
  • Encourage the new subscriber to book a strategy call with you
  • Offer an extra freebie

Remember – an Email Welcome Sequence is the first step in a well-planned customer journey. By intentionally planning this sequence, you are giving your customers a clear path to continue to work with you.

For more on nailing your email marketing in 2023, including your Email Welcome Sequence, read the blog here.

If you ready to elevate your email list and make email marketing a focus in the new year, book a free consultation call with me here!

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